NOW Is The Time - Be Patient WithYourself

by Cindy Rhoday, AP

Be Patient With Yourself

If You haven't noticed yet things seem topsy turvy! The earth is spinning on its axis and so are all of us. This is an interesting time if you are tuning in to recent shifts in the energetic forces that be. Since Chiron & Pisces are intertwining we can expect the unearthing of buried feelings, misplaced emotions, and forgotten events. Emotions that we thought we had worked through may return to us in the form of recalling memories, reliving experiences, seeing people from our past, or dreaming of past events. DO NOT DESPAIR--This is the Universe's way of enabling us to grow and transform. By working through and releasing old we are able to transform and prepare for our new being. We are becoming more transparent and whole with GOD Universe. By grounding in our truest self, we can do the work that we so desperately desire to do.

Allow the present to unfold knowing that it is for the greater good. Work through processing emotions that you have been holding. Feel with your heart's understanding and realize that painful feelings are not lasting. Processing these emotions will help them to pass quickly which allows you to be pushed through the door of relief and comfort. While you release all that no longer serves you be patient with yourself.

Be good to you.