2018~The Year Of Accountability

GET READY! 2018 is the "YEAR OF ACCOUNTABILITY" for each and ALL generations. There has been a noticeable trend that is affecting almost everyone. It is that of accountability. Too long have we been riding the waves of complacency, simply getting by with an average but Ok life. Too many of us have been in a trance-like state wading through the murky waters of health, well-being, and a financial situation at the expense of attending to our deepest needs of connection to self, soul, and to community. By denying our authenticity and attempting to be someone or something else, we have become LOST. The powers that BE demand balance and this harmony will be achieved through any means necessary. Enter the ACCOUNTABILITY FACTOR...Not just accountability for health, but also for wellness, financial means, and relationships. We must meet nature at the bridge and be held liable for that which we have created, the good and the not so good. 

The accountability this year began with those aged 80-90 years old ("The Greatest Generation" - Michael T. Robinson). They were remarkably UNAFFECTED as this age group has been held accountable in times past so they have no discourse with being held responsible for past triumphs, mistakes, and other historical events. These folks were born between 1910-1924 and have literally seen it all. They are quick to point out their faults and their contributions to society.

We quickly saw the trend trickling down to the next generations including "the Silent Generation (generation 1925-1945) and  "the Baby Boomers" (generation 1946-1964) around March 2018. Their accountability table has been related to health and wealth. There are some people (not everyone) in these two generation groups who are not willing to have an open perspective in hopes that "everything will work out." This indifference or hopefulness (depending on your perspective) is creating havoc for some but not all Baby Boomers. Only those who are unwilling to seek compromise and curve with the changes that are evolving will be greatly affected. These two generations have a strong sense of faith and contribution but may feel that the current changes are negating all that they have worked so hard to accomplish. Only with connection and understanding with more youthful generations can they bridge the gap. These generations have made powerful contributions that will carry on for years to come. Their legacy is not lost, only altered to accommodate a more technologically savvy, more easily adaptable, changing world. These generations can expect accountability if they continue to be rigidly focused on traditional ways to live in society. Financial tools including paper money rather than cards/electronic payments, for example, are just one of the challenges where they may be forced to release the traditional models and begin embracing new technologies.

Generation X and Xennials (generations 1965-1979 and 1975-1985 respectively) are coping with all aspects of being responsible for their health and wellness. These age groups are still searching for their true purpose. Having a handle on most technologies but dealing with the disconnect between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, they are being forced to either follow the wide path before them or face the challenge of creating new roads. This group will find breakthrough and purpose by bridging the gap between generations. However, they must first find themselves or succumb to a life of mediocrity. These generations can not have the life their parents had as the economic forces that be are not offering the stability that was established for their predecessors. Generation X and Xenials also suffer from health issues as fast food was a fad during their young life as was smoking and television. If these two generations become focused and authentic with themselves, they will eventually realize their true calling and leave their mark forever.

Millennials (generations 1980-1994) are creating their world as we speak. They have different approaches to the world and are unapologetic for their ideas. They are holding fast to new ideals and creating a new world. Out of all of the groups, their generation may feel the most uncomfortable with the Year of Accountability. This could possibly be a difficult trend for them as they see their world in their own way. Although they are doing much to preserve their new world, they may be shocked to learn that there are reactions to every action. Not every effort put forth will result in a positive manner. Not every seed that is sowed will result in a great harvest. Some seeds may take YEARS to reap a harvest and it may not necessarily be a positive one. This generation may have to flow into the idea of patience and self-restraint. Unlike generations previous, this one may not hold the ideas of forbearance and fortitude in a positive light. The idea of waiting for harvest, technology, and socio-economic factors to change may be a bit painful. Once this generation becomes accustomed to the world's pace to change, they will be able to reset their clock to allow time for the changes to occur.

The remaining younger generations will be held accountable but will barely notice the effects. They will see and feel the imminent reset that is quickly approaching. Their youth could help buffer them from the results. The younger generations may learn much and as a result not perpetuate the same mistakes.


The state of one's health is an example of how accountability can cross generations, races, and socio-economic boundaries affecting many populations. Health that has been well maintained or taken for granted manifests measureable physical and psychological repercussions or results depending on the individual's choice to invest in their health long term. In 2018 multiple generations of people may find themselves sick in instances where chronic health issues are surfacing. The state of health care may bare a heavier-than-usual burden due to the lack of maintenance and self-care over the long haul. Prepare for people to require more time to not only seek and find treatment but to also require longer than usual recovery. This trend will be a reminder to invest in one's health rather than using one's physical reserve to persevere.

Socio-economic factors will find some people unwilling to change their investment strategies and beliefs concerning wealth. Cryptocurrencies and volatile markets could create chaos in the traditional congruency of finance. Accountability in financial matters may deeply affect the spectrum of generations as the lack of funds and savings with younger generations and the burden of healthcare clashes. Help planning for the future may be essential for those people who need assistance in navigating their investments and finances.

Although the 2018 Year of Accountability may have some blips and widgets, there is much to be learned from authenticity, honesty, fortitude, and realizing one's purpose. By holding ourselves accountable at any age, we can learn to connect, communicate, and live in some form of harmony that creates lasting existence. If you are not holding yourself accountable, WHO WILL?

*The Generation Names are based on articles by Michael T. Robinson Career Coach. These generational years vary are used for entertainment/idealistic purposes only. The statements presented here are based on personal experience only and are not intended to speak to everyone for every intent. Take what is applicable to you and your specific situation.