TheSeason of The Heart

by Cindy Rhoday, AP

TheSeason of The Heart, SOUTHWESTERN VA ACUPUNCTURE in VIRGINIACindy Rhoday offers Acupuncture in VIRGINIASummer is a wonderful time to be with friends, family, and loved ones. Taking time out from this busy season is important. Vacations, cook-outs, and get togethers are included in many peoples' summer schedules. It is a time for fun-filled heart-centered activities for most people...But how about the people who have a very different experience in the summer?

Summer is a very strong, heart-centered season. But for some people who are already anxiety ridden, it can be a loathsome, dreadful time. This seems ironic because summer is normally a time for relaxation and fun. But not for everyone.

Since the heart energy is strongest in the summer, many people feel an overabundance of heart energy. This effect can cause sweating, change in heart aspect such as heart rhythms & heart rate. Symptoms of night sweating may exacerbate, not only due to the hot temperatures, but also to the abundance of heart flow energy. The most common symptom for heart energy abundance is ANXIETY. Anxiety can manifest in many ways. A stomachache or nervousness is a mild sign of anxiety. Full blown panic attacks and random fears are more intense examples of heart energy gone arwy. Although these symptoms are not usually observed by the medical establishment as a whole, symptoms can be real. Avoiding people, especially crowds and groups, may be quite common in people with heart abundance/excess in the summer. This situation can put a damper on otherwise fun and exciting summer activities as the anxiety filled person may not have the heart (forgive the pun) to participate. And I will mention that most people have no rhyme or reasonable explanation for their behavior. This makes it difficult to beg off anxiety-laden activities since the person may feel he/she has no viable excuse or way to explain this phenomenon.

Here are some suggestions to combat these symptoms and help you get through the summer months with ease.

1. Plan vacations very loosely. If you and your family must go on a trip  this summer, keep the itinerary open and flexible. Plant the seed that you are going with the intention of taking it easy, AND THEN DO IT.

2. Eat foods that are nourishing and simple. Simpler, easier-to-digest foods such as soups, oatmeal, and bland foods are best. As always. most fruits and veggies are ok. Eat according to your body type, make up, and constitution (your Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, etc. will be able to help you with this). Avoid eating processed foods as much as possible. Also steer away from artificial sweeteners as much as possible such as sucralose (see article ).

3. Be aware of summer moon phases and any possible eclipses. The idea that the moon affects us is not a new concept (just ask any police officer, teacher, or ER nurse about full moon experiences at their workplace). Notice the ebb and flow of the moon and take more care of yourself during the new and full moon phases which may produce more extreme symptoms in some people.

4. Take it easy. Give yourself permission to be. Stay at home and get some rest. Summer is not everybody's season and maybe it's not yours either. Kick back and wait for fall to arrive. It's ok. There's something to be said for pumpkin muffins for breakfast.